About us

Hello visitor – thanks for dropping by. My name is Maha Zabaneh and I'm a lifelong home baker (…and a keen and reliable cook, for that matter). I have no formal training other than a short stint as a sous-chef at a small restaurant near my home, and of course decades of specialty home cooking at family and Holiday events.

How Pistacia came about? I always knew I'd do something more with my baking which until recently was limited to "limitless" sharing of cookies, cakes and sweet bites with family, friends, and colleagues at various occasions and holidays throughout the years. This rendered me the "designated" dessert lady at almost all gatherings and events. While the idea was always on my mind, it was difficult to deliberately walk a way from a rewarding and enjoyable career in professional services..

Come 2020 with all its disruptions and challenges, I found solace in baking and gradually decided to build on it. It was time to take my passion for baking to the next level and make the "career switch", even though baking is not work in my dictionary. On the contrary, baking has always been my de-stressor and Zen.

Embarking with a soft launch thankfully turned into a full-time venture with numerous orders received in a short timeframe. I was elated and motivated by the great feedback and the seemingly endless orders.

Maintaining the momentum, I'm planning to diversify the menu and introduce new and seasonal items, so there's always something for everyone, for every taste, and for every occasion.  Steady steps into growing Pistacia.   

I invite you to try our goodies and share your feedback. My mission is to earn your business and your assured expectation of quality as a satisfied loyal customer.

Sweet wishes!