Date Delights


If you love the sweetness of dates, we have just the product for you - treat your taste buds with our Date Delights! It's sweet, it's fibrous and it leaves an experience, unlike any other date snacks. 

We handcraft each ball with utmost care and precision - because we know when you create something from your heart, it assumes an authenticity rarely found elsewhere. 

Our Date Delights is going to win your tummy and heart because: 

A new burst of flavor with each bite - We use only premium, fresh dates mixed with roasted hazelnut and almond to create a medley of flavors. With each bite, you'll find a new burst of flavors and you won't be able to stop coming back for more.

Sugar and gluten-free - Date Delights are vegan products. They're also sugar and gluten-free, except the chocolate-covered Date Delights. 

Ideal for gifting - Is there an occasion coming up and are you frantically searching for a gift? Date Delights are here to your rescue! The sweets come in beautifully decorated packets, making them ideal for all kinds of holidays and happy occasions. 

Get your dates now! 

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